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From seasonal advice to innovative gardening solutions, the Estate Care Knowledge Hub is your go-to resource for a healthy, beautiful outdoor space.

Deciding between sod installation and overseeding can be challenging. Sod offers instant results and immediate use but is costlier with fewer grass options. Overseeding is budget-friendly and provides a variety of grasses but takes longer to establish. Discover which method suits your lawn best in our guide.
Learn how native plants can enhance your Martha's Vineyard landscape with environmental benefits, cost savings, and natural beauty. Discover top native species and practical tips from Estate Care.
A lush, green lawn enhances the beauty and functionality of your outdoor space. Over time, even the best-maintained lawns can show signs of wear. Discover how to revive your grass with our comprehensive guide to lawn renovation and restoration, ensuring a vibrant, healthy yard.
Earthworms are essential for soil health, improving structure, nutrient availability, and microbial activity. Their role in sustainable agriculture enhances crop yields and reduces the need for chemical fertilizers.
Unlock the full potential of your spring garden with expert soil preparation techniques. Learn how to assess and amend your soil, enhancing its structure and fertility for robust plant growth. Discover the transformative power of organic matter, the benefits of soil testing, and practical tips for ongoing soil care. Prepare for a season of lush growth and vibrant blooms with these essential gardening insights.
This comprehensive guide explores innovative masonry projects to enhance your outdoor living areas this spring. Focusing on Martha's Vineyard Island, it offers insights into creating durable, low-maintenance, and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. From elegant patios and walkways to functional outdoor kitchens and fireplaces, discover how to transform your home’s exterior into a stunning oasis with Estate Care's professional masonry services.